2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster: Release Date, All you need to know

The 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster: A $5 million masterpiece, marking the end of the legendary W-16 era.

  • The 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster, priced at $5 million, is a limited-edition marvel, already sold out before its 2024 debut.
  • As Bugatti bids farewell to its iconic W-16 engine, the Mistral promises to be the world’s fastest open-top production car, boasting a 1,600 PS engine.

The Mistral Roadster is not more than just a car; it’s an automotive legend in the making.

The world’s elite have smashed all 99 units before they’ve even touched the tarmac, so it’s a sign of exclusivity.

In a world of hypercars where luxury meets unstoppable performance, the 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster appears as a stunning swansong.

With a price tag that can drop your jaw and a design that can make your heart soar, this roofless wonder based on the Chiron is poised to redefine luxury on wheels.

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the Mistral Roadster’s bold design and outrageous power.

This limited edition hypercar embodies the pinnacle of Bugatti heritage, using cutting-edge engineering and a design language inspired by the era of Bugatti icons.

As the world anticipates its arrival in 2024 let’s take a look at what makes the Mistral the ultimate the collector’s dream.

Note: The information and data in this post was obtained from the Bugatti Official website and other sources for specs and features info.

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What’s New In the 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster?

What’s New in the Bugatti Mistral Roadster
Bugatti Mistral Roadster Interior View

The upcoming 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster w16 isn’t just another hypercar; It is a story of evolution and innovation in the world of hyper and luxury cars.

Here’s what’s new and exciting about the Mistral Roadster w16:

Drastic design changes: Mistral marks a departure from convention with its groundbreaking redesign. The front end wears the Chiron Coupe drawing heavily from Bugatti’s previous limited editions like the Divo and La Voicher Noire Its fender-mounted headlights and iconic horseshoe grille give it an unmistakable road presence.

Witch-shaped windshield: The cut windshield creates a visor-like curve that perfectly matches the simple features. Although the official models activate the roof, Bugatti offers a temporary clip-in panel for outdoor driving, providing a pleasant experience similar to the Targa roof

Fast and aerodynamic: Bugatti is aiming to break records with the Mistral. While detailed performance figures have yet to be released, the car is expected to reach a top speed of at least 260 mph, which could make it the world’s fastest road car That purpose this one aims to surpass the 254 mph record set by the 2013 Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

Don’t get carried away in luxury: The Mistral’s interior retains the luxury of its Chiron counterpart, with the same dashboard, instrument cluster, steering wheel and center console but the open roofline promises a refreshing and airy driving experience.

Inspirational paint scheme: The Mistral unveiled at Pebble Beach features a striking red and black paint scheme, paying homage to the 1934 Type 57 Grand Red, a roofless classic with a rich history

W-16 Powerhouse: Beneath the hood lies the legendary 8.0-liter W-16 engine, equipped with four turbochargers, boasting a colossal 1,578 horsepower.

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Performance – Engine and Transmission

New 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster
Bugatti Mistral Roadster 2024 Rear View

Designed for thrilling performance on the open road, the 2024 Bugatti W16 Mistral Roadster is a true feat of automotive engineering.

At its heart lies one powerful engine: the quad-turbocharged, 8.0-liter W16 engine, the same one that made its mark on the Chiron Super Sport and the record-breaking Super Sport 300+ even if the Mistral doesn’t quite reach its sibling’s astonishing top speed of 261 mph.

At this attention-grabbing blistering top speed of 420 km/h, the car is in a special ‘Top Speed ​​Mode’, a system that changes the wind by changing the rear no so spoiler for reduced drag, ensuring the Mistral cuts wind with unparalleled grace Performance is not just speed.

2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster Specs
Side view of 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster

Its aerodynamic design, including a cleverly designed diffuser, delivers plenty of downforce without sacrificing speed for drag.

The Mistral 2024 is a thrilling driving conversion unlike any other thanks to this amazing fusion of engineering and aerodynamics.

  • Bugatti Mistral Top Speed: With a targeted top speed exceeding 260 mph, the Mistral aims to dominate the open-top hypercar category.
  • Bugatti Mistral 0 To 60: Precise 0 to 60 mph acceleration figures are yet to be disclosed by Bugatti. Expect exhilarating acceleration, but exact numbers remain a closely guarded secret.
  • Bugatti Mistral Hp: The Mistral boasts a monstrous 1,578 horsepower generated by its 8.0-liter W-16 engine, ensuring breathtaking speed and power that’s emblematic of Bugatti.

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Bugatti Mistral Release Date

2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster Release Date
Bugatti Mistral Roadster Stunning Look

The official release date of Bugatti Mistral is not confirmed by Buggati. But According to the latest reports, the Mistral is expected to start deliveries in 2024.

This release date has made it available to 99 lucky individuals who have secured their place to own one of these exclusive hypercars great pleasures.

With a limited production run and a release date just around the corner, those fortunate enough to have secured a reservation for this extraordinary convertible can look forward to experiencing its unparalleled power and innovation on the road in the near future.

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2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster Price and Trims

2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster Price and Trims
2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster Trims

As of now, the official price for the 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster has not been officially confirmed. Bugatti has yet to provide precise pricing details for this highly anticipated hyper-luxury open-top car.

Potential buyers and automotive enthusiasts eagerly await this information to gauge the investment required to own one of the limited 99 units that will be produced.

Given the brand’s tradition of crafting hypercars with price tags that reflect their exceptional craftsmanship and performance, it’s expected that the Mistral Roadster will be positioned in the upper echelons of the automotive market.

However, until Bugatti releases official pricing information, the exact cost of owning this automotive masterpiece remains a subject of anticipation and speculation.

While specific trim levels and options have not been officially disclosed, Bugatti’s well-known dedication to customization suggests that discerning buyers may have the opportunity to personalize their Mistral, ensuring each one is a unique expression of automotive perfection.

Features of Bugatti Mistral Roadster 2024

2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster Features
Bugatti Mistral Roadster Stunning view
Model Year2024
Engine8.0-liter W-16 with 4 turbochargers, 1,578 horsepower
DesignRadical front end, fender-mounted lights, iconic grille
RoofOptional temporary clip-in panel for open-top experience
SpeedTargeting top speed exceeding 260 mph
InteriorOpulent cabin with Chiron’s dashboard, steering wheel, etc.
CustomizationPotential for personalized customization
Production QuantityLimited to 99 units worldwide
Color SchemeStriking yellow and black, inspired by 1934 Type 57 Grand Raid
Era TransitionSymbolizes Bugatti’s move towards electric vehicles

Check Out Promo of Bugatti Mistral Roadster

This Promo is embedded from Bugatti Official YouTube Channel.

FAQs (Most Asked Questions)

How much is the 2024 Bugatti Mistral roadster cost?

The Mistral is priced at a staggering $5 million per unit.

How many Bugatti Mistral will be made?

Only 99 Bugatti Mistral Roadsters will be produced, and they’re already sold out.

What is the price of Mistral car in India?

Pricing for India may vary due to import duties and taxes. Contact Bugatti for specific pricing details.

What is the inspiration behind the name ‘Mistral’ for Bugatti’s roadster?

The name ‘Mistral’ draws inspiration from the powerful Mistral wind that sweeps through southern France, much like Bugatti’s heritage.

How powerful is the Bugatti W16 Mistral’s engine?

The Mistral is equipped with a 1,600 PS W16 engine, the same one that set records with the Chiron Super Sport 300+, making it one of the most powerful roadsters ever built.


So friends in this detailed review of the 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster, we have analyzed all the best details about this ultra-luxury open-top wonder.

From its mandatory 1578-horsepower W-16 engine to its impressive aerodynamics, the Mistral is the true essence of Bugatti’s commitment to technical perfection.

As much as we expect this limited-edition hypercar to arrive in 2024, one thing is for sure.

The 2024 Bugatti Mistral Roadster is set to leave an indelible mark on the world of performance cars, known as scarcity, energy and tremendous wealth.


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