2024 Toyota Land Hopper: Release Date, Price, Features, and More

2024 Toyota Land Hopper: Toyota’s compact off-roader, the Land Hopper, rumored to launch in late 2024, offering affordability and ruggedness.

  • The Toyota Land Hopper is an upcoming small off-roader from Toyota.
  • It may be called Compact Cruiser or Land Hopper according to the latest rumors.
  • A pre-production version is expected to be showcased soon.
  • The official reveal is anticipated in late 2024, with sales to follow.

Are you a fan of the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser but have looking for a more compact and budget-friendly version?

Well, it seems your wish may soon be granted, as Toyota is rumored to be on the getting introducing the 2024 Land Hopper, a small off-road SUV set to take the automotive world by storm.

This eagerly anticipated vehicle is expected to make its pre-production debut in just a few weeks, with an official unveiling slated for late 2024.

While the technical details remain shrouded in mystery, what we do know is that the Land Cruiser Hopper 2024 will offer a significantly smaller and more affordable alternative to its larger siblings, such as the 2024 Land Cruiser 250 and the Prado, or even the 2023 Toyota 4Runner.

In this article, we’ll check everything we currently know about the 2024 Toyota Land Hopper, a compact cruiser that could potentially go head-to-head with the Ford Bronco Sport and the Suzuki Jimny.

Note: All information and data in this post was obtained from the Toyota’s Official website and other sources for Features and Specs Info.

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The Land Hopper 2024: Brief Overview

Toyota Land Hopper 2024
Toyota Land Hopper 2024
Model Year2024
Vehicle TypeCompact Off-Road SUV
Expected Relese DateLate 2024
Starting PriceUnder $27,000 (Estimated)
SizeApproximately 4,490 mm (Length), 1,800 mm (Width), 1,850 mm (Height)
Powertrain OptionsGasoline Engines, Hybrid Systems (Details Awaited)
CompetitorsFord Bronco Sport, Suzuki Jimny, Compact Adventure SUVs
Off-Road CapabilityExpected to inherit Land Cruiser’s off-road prowess
DesignSquare-shaped body, rugged over fenders, utilitarian styling
International AvailabilityLikely available in various markets worldwide
Official Reveal DateExpected to be showcased at the Japan Mobility Show (Late October)

Performance – Engine and Transmission

The upcoming 2024 Toyota Land Hopper is a compact off-roader from Toyota, is generating excitement not only for its affordability but also for its expected performance capabilities.

While specific technical details are still under wraps, we can speculate about its engine and transmission options based on available information.

Engine Options:

Toyota is known for offering a variety of engine choices to cater to different market preferences. The Land Hopper is likely to follow suit. Some possibilities include:

  1. 1.8L Gasoline NA & Hybrid: Some possibilities include: 1.8L Gasoline NA & Hybrid: It could inherit the efficient and reliable 1.8-liter gasoline engine coupled with a hybrid system similar to what’s found in the Corolla Cross.
  2. 2.0L Gasoline & 2.5L Hybrid: Alternatively, Toyota might offer a 2.0-liter gasoline engine paired with a 2.5-liter hybrid system, similar to configurations available in the RAV4. This option would provide more power and potentially improved off-road capabilities.
  3. 1.5L Turbo Hybrid: Toyota has been actively promoting 1.5-liter turbo hybrid models recently. It is possible that this engine, which combines performance and efficiency, will be used in the Land Hopper in 2024.
  4. Potential BEV Variant: While not confirmed, there’s speculation that Toyota might introduce a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) variant of the Land Hopper in the future, aligning with their push towards electrification.


The choice of transmission can significantly impact an off-roader’s performance. Toyota is likely to offer suitable transmission options to complement the engine choices:

  1. Automatic Transmission: Given the Land Hopper’s focus on accessibility and ease of use, it may come equipped with an automatic transmission, offering smooth shifts for urban driving.
  2. Manual Transmission (Possibly): For enthusiasts and off-road lovers, Toyota might consider offering a manual transmission variant, providing more control during rugged adventures.
  3. 4WD or AWD Systems: Expect advanced 4WD or AWD systems to enhance the Land Hopper’s off-road capabilities, allowing it to tackle various terrains with confidence.

Overall, while we await official technical specifications, Toyota’s history of delivering versatile and capable engines, combined with well-matched transmissions, suggests that the 2024 Land Hopper will offer a balanced and capable powertrain lineup suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures.

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2024 Toyota Land Hopper Release Date

Toyota is expected to be officially revealed the 2024 Toyota Land Hopper in late 2024, following a pre-production version showcase in the coming weeks.

While specific technical details about the vehicle are currently undisclosed, it’s anticipated that the Land Cruiser Hopper 2025 will be notably smaller than its counterparts, including the 2024 Land Cruiser 250 and Prado, as well as the 2023 Toyota 4Runner.

Enthusiasts of the Toyota Land Cruiser who have been longing for a more compact and budget-friendly version are likely to find the Land Hopper appealing.

The SUV’s potential name, “Land Hopper,” has garnered attention and was registered as a trademark with the Japanese Patent Office in August.

Early indications suggest that the pricing for this compact off-roader could start at under $27,000, making it an enticing option for those seeking the Land Cruiser experience at a more affordable price point.

The Land Hopper is expected to compete with other compact adventure SUVs like the Ford Bronco Sport, but it aims to distinguish itself with genuine off-road capabilities reminiscent of the Land Cruiser lineage.

While the vehicle was previewed by concepts like the Compact Cruiser, there’s speculation that it might adopt a more utilitarian design, similar to the 250 series Land Cruiser.

This eagerly awaited SUV is predicted to be officially unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show in late October, with plans for it to hit the market in the second half of 2024.

2024 Toyota Land Hopper Specs and Features

The 2024 Land Hopper is the highly anticipated compact off-roader from Toyota, poised to offer an affordable and capable alternative in the SUV market.

While specific technical details are yet to be unveiled, early reports suggest that it will share a similar body size to the Corolla Cross, with dimensions of approximately 4,490 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, and 1,850 mm in height.

Powertrain options are expected to include the 1.8L gasoline naturally aspirated engine and hybrid system found in the Corolla Cross, as well as possibly the 2.0L gasoline engine and 2.5L hybrid system from the RAV4.

Additionally, Toyota might consider introducing a 1.5L turbo hybrid model.

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2024 Toyota Land Hopper Hybrid

Although precise powertrain information is yet to be confirmed, the Toyota Land Hopper 2024 is rumored to offer a variety of engine options.

This includes the possibility of a hybrid variant, drawing from Toyota’s experience with hybrid technology found in models like the Corolla Cross and RAV4.

The hybrid powertrain option aligns with Toyota’s commitment to environmentally friendly vehicles while maintaining the SUV’s off-road capabilities.

While details remain scarce, the Land Hopper’s hybrid version could offer an efficient and eco-conscious driving experience.

2024 Toyota Land Hopper Interior

2024 Toyota Land Hopper Interior

As of now, specific interior details for the Toyota Land Hopper 2024 are not available.

However, given Toyota’s reputation for producing comfortable and well-equipped interiors, one can expect a thoughtfully designed cabin that balances practicality with comfort.

The interior will likely accommodate the needs of both adventurous off-road enthusiasts and daily commuters.

We can expect plenty of space inside, modern technology features and a versatile layout.

2024 Toyota Land Hopper Exterior

2024 Toyota Land Hopper Exterior
Exterior View of Toyota Land Hopper

The exterior of the 2024’s Land Hopper is expected to reflect its off-road capabilities.

With dimensions similar to the Corolla Cross and design cues that may draw inspiration from the Land Cruiser 250 series, the Land Hopper is poised to have a rugged and adventurous appearance.

Square body lines and robust over fenders, reminiscent of the Land Cruiser heritage, may be incorporated into its design.

The compact SUV segment often demands a balance between practicality and style, and the Land Hopper is likely to deliver on both fronts.

Toyota’s renowned build quality and attention to detail are expected to shine through in its exterior design and construction.

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2025 Toyota Land Hopper Price and Trims

According to the various online reports and research, the upcoming Land Hopper is expected to start around $27,000.

In the domestic market, it’s anticipated to fall within the range of 3 million to 3.8 million yen, equivalent to approximately $20,100 to $25,500 at current exchange rates.

While specific trim levels and configurations have not been officially announced, the Land Hopper is likely to offer a range of options to cater to various customer preferences.

Much like its larger counterparts in the Land Cruiser family, it may come with different trims and feature packages to accommodate different needs, from basic off-road capabilities to more advanced technology and comfort amenities.

Toyota’s commitment to affordability may extend to its trim offerings, ensuring that there are choices to fit different budgets while maintaining the Land Cruiser’s reputation for rugged performance.

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FAQs (Most Asked Questions)

How much will the 2024 Toyota Land Hopper cost?

Land Hopper is rumored to have a starting price of under $27,000.

When will the 2024 Toyota Land Hopper be officially revealed?

The pre-production version of the Land Hopper is expected to be showcased in the coming weeks, with the official reveal planned for late 2024.

Will the Land Hopper maintain the Land Cruiser’s off-road prowess?

Yes, the Land Hopper is anticipated to inherit the off-road capabilities characteristic of the Land Cruiser brand, ensuring it can handle challenging off-road terrain.

Is the Land Hopper set to be available in international markets?

While the Land Hopper’s availability in international markets is not confirmed, it is likely to be introduced in various regions to cater to a global audience.

How can I stay updated on the latest developments about the 2024’s Land Hopper?

To stay informed about the latest news and updates regarding the 2024 Toyota Land Hopper, keep an eye on official Toyota announcements, automotive news sources, and Toyota’s official website.


So friends in this we had provide you with valuable insights and answers to your burning questions about this upcoming 2024 Toyota land hopper.

We sincerely hope that this article has successfully answered all your queries and ignited your curiosity regarding the Toyota Land Hopper 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow the journey of the Toyota Land Hopper.


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