2025 Toyota Century, Release Date, Specs & Features, Price, and More!

The Toyota’s Rolls-Royce and Most expensive Toyota ever the 2025 Toyota Century is making his entry in the Japanese SUV Market!

  • The 2025 Toyota Century is a transformation of the traditional luxury sedan into an SUV.
  • It is roughly the size of standard SUVs but seats only four passengers.
  • The powertrain includes a plug-in hybrid system with a 3.5-liter V6 engine and all-wheel drive.
  • Toyota plans limited production, with just 30 units per month, exclusively for the Japanese market.

The (2025) Toyota Century looks quite different from the traditional Century model, which has long been a symbol of luxury and driver-driven comfort in the Japanese market.

Known for its luxury sedans, Toyota Century is transitioning to an SUV body style while maintaining its commitment to exclusivity and luxury.

According to the reports, it is as big as some conventional SUVs, but only has room for four passengers.

The 2025 Century looks breathtaking in the interior but exterior gives you the vibes of RR cars.

Note: All information and data in this post was obtained from the Toyota’s Official website and other online sources for specs and features info.

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The Toyota Century 2025Overview

Toyota Century 2025
Toyota Century
Model Year2025
Vehicle TypeLuxury SUV
Exterior DesignClassic and Elegant
Interior ComfortOpulent and Spacious
Seating CapacityFour Passengers
Rear Seat FeaturesReclining, Theater Setup
Customization OptionsExterior Colors, Two-Tone Designs
Sport Version (GR)Sporty Features, Sliding Doors, Unique Wheels
PowertrainPlug-In Hybrid, 3.5-liter V6, All-Wheel Drive
Production VolumeLimited to 30 Units per Month
Market AvailabilityExclusive to the Japanese Market
Starting PriceApproximately $170,000 (in Japan)

What’s New in the 2025 Toyota Century?

1. SUV Body Style:

The most notable changes are the shift from a sedan to an SUV body style. The Century SUV retains the brand’s distinct design language but in a larger, more commanding, and practical SUV format.

2. Spacious Interior:

The Century SUV is surprisingly spacious, offering a roomy interior that seats four passengers. The rear seats take center stage and come equipped with various reclining positions.  

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The 2025’s Toyota Century SUV will have the plug-in hybrid powertrain. Under the hood lies a 3.5-liter V6 engine, paired with an advanced all-wheel-drive system.

While precise power figures are yet to be unveiled, it’s worth noting that this powertrain draws parallels to the one found in the 2024 Lexus TX550+.

This means potential buyers can anticipate a robust performance, as the Lexus counterpart boasts an impressive 406 horsepower.

This promises not only power but also the smooth and confident acceleration that luxury SUV enthusiasts seek.

In addition to its power, the Century SUV’s hybrid configuration enhances its fuel efficiency. With a commitment to sustainability, this SUV aims to strike a balance between performance and eco-consciousness.

Complementing the potent powertrain is a refined transmission system that ensures seamless shifts and optimal performance.


Although officials have not yet provided exact information about the transmission, Toyota’s track record for producing slick and dependable transmissions had a positive impact on the Century SUV.

In order to live up to the Century brand’s reputation for luxury and performance, the driving experience must be both strong and elegant.

A powerful and environmentally conscious plug-in hybrid powertrain with an all-wheel-drive 3.5-liter V6 engine will determine the performance of the Toyota Century SUV in 2025.

Although power numbers are not yet known, the Lexus TX550+’s resemblances suggest a powerful performance. For increased fuel efficiency, the hybrid configuration is preferable.

2025 Toyota Century Release Date

The release date of the upcoming Toyota Century is just around the corner.

Set to be unveiled on a global stage, the 2025 Toyota Century is poised to redefine the boundaries of luxury and exclusivity

The anticipation has been high surrounding this release, and the rumors and teasing add to the news.

The delivery date is fast approaching for those who are waiting for this special luxury SUV to arrive.

Toyota has meticulously crafted this vehicle, combining the best of its esteemed Century lineage with the versatility and appeal of an SUV.

The exact date is a closely guarded secret, but all eyes are on this groundbreaking release, as it promises to set new standards in the world of luxury automobiles.

In Japan, where the Century has long been revered, the release date holds particular significance.

The Century has been a symbol of prestige and elegance for decades, and the SUV variant is expected to carry on this tradition in a new form.

While it remains a Japan-exclusive offering, the global automotive community eagerly anticipates its arrival, eager to witness the fusion of timeless luxury with modern practicality.

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2025 Toyota Century Interior

2025 Toyota Century Interior
Interior View of Toyota Century

Currently we don’t have much more info about the 2025’s Toyota Century interior view but according to the reports It have an interior that’s all about luxury and comfort.

Inside this exclusive vehicle, you’ll find a space designed to pamper its passengers.

The rear seats are the highlight, offering multiple reclining positions and awesome setup.

It’s like having your own personal sanctuary on wheels, with a driving mode that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for those in the back.

If you’re in the back, the Century makes sure you have a smooth ride. You can also pick the specs and features you like inside the SUV to make it awesome.

2025 Toyota Century Exterior

2025 Toyota Century Exterior
Exterior View of Toyota Century

2025 Toyota Century is yet to be release so right now we don’t have much more details about the 2025 Toyota Century’s exterior, but according to the reports it seems like the Century is getting a fresh and distinctive look.

The design appears to be a departure from the typical car shapes, leaning towards a unique and elegant boxy style. This change is sure to make it stand out on the road.

While we await details, Toyota is clearly aiming for a vehicle that combines luxury with a awesome exterior design.

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2025 Toyota Century Price and Trims

When it comes to the price of the 2025 Toyota Century, it’s important to know that this car is very special and luxurious. In Japan, where it’s made, it starts at nearly $170,000.

That’s a big number, and it means the Century is not like the cars you see every day. It’s more like a luxury palace on wheels.

Now, let’s talk about the versions, or trims, of this Century. You can choose a range of colors to give it the look you want.

Imagine picking your favorite color for your toy – it’s like that, but for a big and amazing car! And if you want your Century to be even cooler, there’s a special version called the GR.

It has some extra features that make it sporty, like sliding doors and different wheels.

So, you can make your Century unique and personalized, but it’s always going to be super luxurious and special!

Features of the 2025 Toyota Century SUV

2025 Toyota Century Features
Features of Toyota Century
Luxurious InteriorOpulent and comfortable cabin with four seats
Adjustable Rear SeatsRear seats can recline in various ways for passenger comfort
Theater SetupRear passengers can enjoy an entertainment setup
Smooth Ride ModeSpecial driving mode to ensure a comfortable ride
Customization OptionsChoice of exterior colors and two-tone designs
GR Sport VersionSportier version available with sliding doors and unique wheels
Plug-In Hybrid Powertrain3.5-liter V6 engine with all-wheel drive for power and efficiency
Limited ProductionOnly 30 units produced each month for exclusivity
Japanese Market ExclusiveAvailable exclusively in the Japanese market
Starting PriceStarting price equivalent to nearly $170,000 in Japan
Actually this is just a expected Features of the 2025 Century

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FAQs (Most Asked Questions)

Will there be a new Toyota Century 2025?

Yes, there is a new Toyota Century for 2025.

How much a Toyota Century 2025 will cost?

The starting price for a 2025 Toyota Century is approximately $170,000 (in Japan).

Is 2025 Toyota Century available to buy?

The 2025 Toyota Century is an upcoming model, and it may not be available for purchase at this moment. Availability would depend on the official release date set by Toyota for this new model.


So, in conclusion, the 2025 Toyota Century is a super fancy and Luxurious SUV from Japan. It’s like a big and elegant palace on wheels.

You can pick different colors and Features for it. It represents a new chapter in the Century’s illustrious history, offering a unique and personalized luxury experience for discerning customers.

Are you excited about 2025’s Century? Share your thoughts and join the conversation about this unique and iconic SUV.

Your comments and insights contribute to the ongoing legacy of this automotive masterpiece.


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